4th Meeting in Anagni, Italy

At 5th of March 2018 and for 1 week, Greek, portuguese and Spanish partners of the erasmus+ project “Cathedrals” are visiting the Instituto Compensivo 2 Anagni, at Anagni, Italy.
During their visit, are expected to visit the Montecassino monastery as well as the Casamari monastery. The Cathedral of Anagni and the Basilica of Saint Peter at Rome.
We are going to have several workshops regarding the architecture, paintings and mosaics of the temples. A tour at our school with best practices exchange is going to take place as long as lessons watching. Powerpoint presentations are going to be presented regarding archtecture of Cathedrals and the cities of the partners.
We are going to have workshops regarding the construction of a mosaic floor of the Anagni Cathedral and a 3d Cathedral created by paper.