Cathedrals- Erasmus+


   Welcome to our Webpage of Erasmus+ Project called “Cathedrals”. 4 countries participate in this project, Spain as Coordinator, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

     Our learners will have an outstanding opportunity to broaden their horizons, and to use the foreign language they are studying, not in an academic context but in a real one.
The project comes as a result of a need to find new pedagogical strategies, the need for students to learn how to organize different kinds of information (foreign languages, geography, arts, geology, ICT) through one common activity, and the need of promoting the learning of foreign languages in a communicative way and in situations similar to real life. Any pupil can benefit from innovative teaching methods, and our teenagers in particular.
Besides all activities related to the study of the monuments in a broader sense (architectural, artistic, materials, culture and history or geographical position), the main aim is to make a transversal study, approaching different perspectives and these different areas of knowledge, already in the curricula. The aim is to get to the curricula using innovative and new teaching strategies. The use of technology, namely ICT, is a language that is motivating to students. We plan to do so, namely by the geo-referencialization of the studied monuments, creating a web page with information (historical, artistic, geographical or cultural) by using maps, taking detailed photographs, exhibitions, sessions with experts on different areas. Also, the shift of the place of the student, by creating and organizing different perspectives of information, the student role becomes more active in his personal learning process and, consequently, more motivated, more interventive, becoming the centre of the learning process and the teachers assuming more the role of moderators in this process.